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  • Add On and Integration development
  • Full-Stack development to create integrated Web Sites using Angular 4
  • Building REST API using ASP.NET WebApi Core into SAP B1
  • Work directly with you or with your partner

We are Your Team

With experience in all project life cycle phases, XiriuS provides you with a team of full-stack developers front to back to handle analysis, design, architecture, development, training, and implementation. XiriuS has the technical expertise you can trust to meet all your customization needs.

We Work Anywhere in the World

No matter where your business is located, XiriuS is your Business One consulting firm of choice. With global integration, fast communication, and high security, XiriuS is ready and able to provide you with reliable service.



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Custom Integrated Solutions for Your Business

XiriuS strives to always remain ahead of the technological curve, which allows our developers to provide your business with the customized solution it needs to be successful. We work in a wide variety of industries, technologies, and environments, offering competitive rates and best value for your development.

We are passionate about doing things right. This is why our developers are always learning and adopting new technologies, design patterns, methodologies, and trends. We are proudly developing with the best tools and practices, using the latest most robust architecture to assure your code will sustain constant changes. We are developing for the enterprise and priced for the small business.

Let XiriuS work directly with you or with your partner to handle your integration with SAP Business One.

Why Using XiriuS

There are many consulting firms and developers out there, providing global Business One Services, implementation, and support. For most of those companies, customer development is an evil necessity they have to provide in order to deliver a complete solution. Development is not their main competency. But it is ours! 

We love development, and this is all we do for many years. We analyze requirements and work with you and your partners to assess your needs and the best way to implement it with Business one. Then, we find the gap that requires custom development, and there - we shine! We live and breathe software, we manage software projects, we concentrate on that domain - and you have the benefit of it all. 

From requirement to design, from conception to solution we manage the project, the code, the team, and the delivery to your complete satisfaction. So what are we saying? Let your SAP partner manage the implementation, but when it comes to the development of a custom solution - insist on getting the best. 

What Solution do we Provide?

XiriuS Specializes in the development of customer solutions for SAP Business One.
At XiriuS, we have developed our own Add-On framework and continue to maintain and improve it constantly to reflect newer tools, features, and versions of SAP Business One, The DI and the .NET framework. That means to you a stable modern interface that is easier to maintain and enhance.
Let's get a little Techy:
We developed a technology that allows us to dynamically create a RESTful interface into SAP B1, connecting external web application, or application we develop ourselves - self-hosted or cloud based (Azure or AWS). We use the best-of-breed technologies and methodologies like micro-services, CQRS, Dependency Injection, just to name a few. When it comes to technology - we use the latest version of the popular web development framework - Angular, in conjunction with Live streaming technologies like SignalR (WebSocket compliant) the latest ASP.NET WebApi Core and Entity Framework as ORM

As a result, you will:

  • use the best resources for each task
  • work with a company that development is it's only competency
  • get the latest technology and development practices
  • support the US by using all American team

Global Integration

- Our Customers are everywhere
- Online and Remote Consulting

Full Stack Developers

Server side integration using DI-API
Website and Portals using Angular
Latest Framework

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B1 Add On Development
DI Projects
Project Management
Analysis and Design

Integrate with SAP Business One

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