Paint Manufacturing


With a reputation built on premium paints and coatings, this customer manufacturers and distributes a wide variety of paint products using quality pigments, resins, and raw materials. A family owned business with a distribution chain consisting of some of the finest independent paint stores in the country, the business has grown to include a 100,000 square foot facility with offices, laboratories, shipping stations, manufacturing areas and warehouses. Well established in the Southeastern U.S., it now works with over 400 distributors all over the world.

The Challenge

In early 2014, the customer was in need of an experienced Magic Software Developer after the departure of their previous developer. The company contacted XiriuS upon reviewing our website, and explained that they were in need of a developer who could perform maintenance, add additional features, fix issues, and upgrade their system to the latest version of Magic.

The Strategy

After a thorough analysis of the the customer’s software system, we recommended that they upgrade from the current version in use, uniPaaS, to the latest version, Magic XPA. In order to achieve a seamless integration, we developed a plan to migrate the customer in the most efficient and risk-free way possible.

The Success

Our Magic Software expert, Patti Chen, determined the smoothest path for migrating the customer from uniPaaS to Magic XPA and successfully completed that portion of the project. Xirius also moved the client’s data from Pervasive over to SQL and continues to provide the customer with ongoing Magic support. Patti is now the number one support specialist for the customer, as the company currently considers pursuing a mobile solution in the near future.