What We Do

Do you need a web application for your business? Or is a web app your actual business model for a web-based business? Either way, you are in luck as one of our core specialties here at XiriuS Business Solutions is web application development & design. We provide more flexibility than most in the development, Q&A and testing phases of the entire development lifecycle. We also remain agile in regards to customizing, upgrading, and tweaking.

The result of any of our web application projects is that we want the actual app to be a user-friendly, helpful tool that its users find valuable. We know that in order for this to happen, sometimes there must be flexibility in the application development life-cycle. We provide the structure and support it needs in the earlier stages but are flexible when needed while in the development stages to ensure a more refined and successful application product launch.

Why Choose XiriuS


It is a standard in today’s world that your business has a web presence. In fact, most consumers skip businesses without a website when they are searching for a business to use!


Even if you use social media to advertise your business, most people still want a static place to find your information. Also, search engines and map services are going to direct consumers to a website. Consumers have to go out of the way to find your social media page when they don’t know about you.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


We are affordable and you will find our prices don’t compare to many web designers. You can make your own site, but it’s not easy for anyone. Let us do all the technical work for you so you can worry about your customers.


XiriuS will define and schedule development to accommodate the clients time to review and provide feedback as the project moves forward through the phases of Development.


XiriuS will make your web app accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone. We ensure that all of our products are responsive so that it will provide the best user experience across devices.

Seo Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the amount of organic search engine results and traffic to your website. Our goal is simple, We work hard to make sure your business is found on the first page of Google and Bing.


Xirius is dedicated to supporting our clients, even the smallest tasks are handled quickly and efficiently. You will be able to count on us for the following: Fixing Bugs and Issues / Ongoing and Proactive Services / Upgrades and Maintenance / Optimizes Site Speed / Rescuing Websites.